You have a great idea waiting to become the next great killer app but you are not sure how to go about building it? Perhaps I can be of service. I specialize in building prototypes for startup companies.

I am a technologist with over twenty years of experience, having served in various roles such as software developer, IT consultant, project manager and on to director of software engineering. I have also worn a few other hats at more than one startup.

Among the things I build are web and mobile apps, supporting back end services and sometimes dabble in IoT devices. A few of my many passions include creating games and mechanical amusement devices that can be controlled by mobile.

At heart, I am a student of life. I marvel at how things work, whether those found in nature or those made by man. As a child, I enjoyed taking things apart to see what made them tick. I learned to build things from erector sets, Legos, tinker toys and later electronic kits. Over the years, I have become a jack of all trades with interests in many areas.

One thing that has stood out is the enjoyment of making something come to life, whether it's a software app or a physical gadget. With so many ideas waiting to be explored, I came to realize that the best ROI is to build for others.

I founded Ivanix Mobile as a way to channel my passions and skills for the benefit of other aspiring entrepreneurs, while affording me a freer and more fulfilling lifestyle. If you are looking for someone to help develop your startup's idea into a working prototype or need help taking it to the next level, I warmly welcome the opportunity to talk with you.

Feel welcome to browse my portfolio of past and ongoing projects. Perhaps something may fit your current need or help spark a new direction.